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Fostering Reading

Fostering Reading
Posted on 12/01/2020

As reading specialists, we are often asked by parents how to help young readers at home. The answer is

always the same… “Read, Read, Read!” to your son or daughter.  Then, what often follows is a

plethora of questions from “Really, that’s it?” to a more dubious response such as, “How do I do


We get it, learning to read looks daunting! Learning to read the words is a complicated task,

especially since it requires the brain to juggle many balls at the same time; specifically, Checking for

whether the word looks right, sounds right, and makes sense, and that doesn’t even include

comprehending the meaning of the words! But, as a parent, you are your child’s first and most

important teacher and, as you will see, the reasons for reading to your child are many.  

Research has shown that the simple act of reading aloud builds the knowledge required for eventual   

reading success. Reading to your young child not only exposes him/her to a positive reading role model,

but it builds your child’ listening comprehension while also teaching about the world in which she/he

lives. Reading aloud develops language and vocabulary and stretches his/her imagination and attention

span. Finally, reading to your child leads to reading for pleasure, which then leads to your child wanting

to read on her or his own and becoming a “lifelong reader”.

So, as the world continues to grow more complicated, it’s refreshing to know that one fundamental

principle remains true, and that is that reading to your child is a fun and simple bonding experience that

promotes positive attitudes while building your child’s reading skills.

Melissa Zechello & Rita Greeley

Burrell School Reading Specialists